About Me

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The name is Flamegoat. Friends call me Matt, but you can call me whatever the fuck you want because it’s the internet and I can’t hear.

I’ve been a streamer/entertainer for over 15 years, and I have more experience with streaming and the streaming industry than you do. I’ve worked behind the scenes as a Software Development Engineer, and later a Software Development Manager for Twitch, which took up a valuable 6 years of my life that I’ll never get back.

Due to that, I’m back to doing what I do best – shilling and attempting to play games for entertainment. Occasionally I’d like to do charity streams but we’ll see.

This site is a place for me to talk about cameras, cars, games and more because sometimes I have thoughts. Unfortunately, if I have them you should have them, too.

Have you made poor life choices and would like to get into contact with me about sponsorships, affiliations, or to work with me on a project, hit me up on the contact form.