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Hey there! I got some big things coming around the corner and as is the case every time I have big things coming around the corner that inevitably never come due to work or sickness – I needed a website!

No but for real, maybe this time will be different. I got laid off and I’ve got a lot of extra time to kill. I think maybe it’s time to start knocking out some of those goals, dreams, wishes and asperations I’ve put off for so long because I was waiting for the “right time”.

What better time than now?

I’m not sure how much I’ll update this site, but I know sometimes I have things I want to say or things I want to share. Permanent things, or at least more permanent than usual that don’t work well on Discord or Twitter.

I also need to stay on top of some of my hard skills regarding engineering/systems administration and running sites is a great way to do that. So this is the place for all of that jazz.

First thing I’m working on is just getting my sites (yep, plural) set up, secure and accessible. After that, I’ll start getting some of my more static content like what gear I use for streaming, photography, etc and then on to more dynamic content. Likely thoughts on movies, fitness, and games.

Be on the look out for content soon. Maybe. Unless I get disinterested or find another job and that leads to me to dropping all of this again.

See ya next time!

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